INNOVATE BROKER has been designed to be the leading software in the market. We have most stable, feature tool and constantly adding new innovative features and functionality's.

INNOVATE ASSET is Ethiopian Based Asset Management System Which tracks the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure – throughout their lifecycle.

Benefits of the product / service

  • Dedicated Support Team & User Friendly UI
  • Management Dashboard & Unlimited Branch & User
  • Multi-level Tracing Management
  • Centralized database system

Feature of the product/ service

  • Standard Integrated Accounting System
  • Web Based Reporting for Clients / Agents / Sub Brokers (200 Plus)
  • CDBL Automated System
  • Auto Pay In/Pay Out
  • Automated Email/Notifications
  • Merchant Banker Client Management.
  • Dynamic Settlement and Margin Loan and Interest Management